Embrace Your Current Season

Are you asking God to CHANGE the situation you’re in, instead of asking God to CHANGE how you handle it? 

Let me ask you something. How many times a year do you get paid and instantly get overwhelmed with financial stress? Do you feel like your bills are bigger than your faith? Are you trying to figure people out instead of praying and asking for God for wisdom on how to deal with them? Or do you take everything personal, interpreting situational circumstances as a personal attack?

Recently, I was advised to watch a video titled, “Embracing Your Current Season” by Joshua Eze. At first I was not very interested, with the mindset that I’ll watch it just be able to say that I did. Yet, I became very receptive after about 30 minutes of watching. However, it wasn’t until a few days later that it all came back to me containing the full message. Within the video, the author mentioned the fact that our trials and tribulations were not there to simply come and go but for the sole purpose to change us. He advised that God was not the author of evil nor did He simply allow pain or disdain into your life because He didn’t love you. BUT in fact He allowed it because He did.

God’s word says that He “chastens whom He loves” (Hebrews 12:6). God has advised that because I love you and have called you according to My riches and glory that you may suffer only for a season as I began a powerful work in you.

I have come to realize that I was a cry baby. When the pain would start, I would give up. I would quickly leave a situation and isolate myself from all that it included. I would use pain as an indication that whatever decision I made that allowed my circumstance to change from good to bad, was not a good one. In essence, when something would attempt to form up against me, I would pray and ask God for guidance and when it is was not provided within 30 minutes or even an hour – it was my assumption that it wouldn’t happen at all. But guess what, IT IS ALL GOOD – for those who believe. It depended upon my response to the formation of destruction that caused my blessing to be delayed. See, you can’t cry about it and have faith. And you can’t trust God and have fear. Sometimes fear and faith will begin to cohabitate, and in situations like that you will waver in your spiritual strength.

This message is not to negate the fact that financial, emotional, or even spiritual adversity is painful but to advise that it is in great faith that you will make it through. You have to push past the pain to get to God’s divine purpose for that season. You have a great Father, and He is chastening you. He is removing the bottles and pacifiers that so many of us have grown accustomed to in midst of trial, so that we will grow in spiritual strength. You can’t be a spiritual adult when have conquered one trial and become a spiritual baby when another has arised. It is in that time that you have to stand up straight and believe that your Father is behind you the whole way.

Nothing in the entire world is more powerful than your Father. He hears your cry, He wants you to hear His voice. Put the faith above any fear that the enemy has attempted to implant in your heart and call on the name of Jesus.

Be inspired.

De’dria Bynum






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