Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”

 (2 Timothy 1:7).

What are you afraid to do? What is God calling you to do that is frightening you? Are you questioning your ability to do it? Or are you questioning God’s ability to come through and complete an extraordinary prophecy in your life? People have told you that you can achieve it. Your family has declared it in your life. Your friends are waiting for it. Christians of the world need it. And you have pleaded with God to obtain the support to do it. So…now what? Whatever it may be that you are afraid to do is a clear indication of what God is preparing you for. He did not bring you this far to leave you. God has advised not be afraid but to be strong and courageous as He will never fail you nor abandon you (Deuteronomy 3:16).

Four years ago, God began to reveal many visions to me. He would send me visions during quiet moments of prayer or even vivid dreams while I was asleep at night. He instructed me to write these visions down as they were revealed to me. Within these visions, He had shown me my home, my career, my ministry, even the foundation of my family as my sight was deeply rooted within the presence of my prayer life. Some visions have come forward today and for some, He is still guiding me. But the true reason I have yet to obtain much of my calling is because of me. I have wavered in my faith and I have walked away from God in times of distress. I have deviated from His path and as a result, the blessings of His will have been hindered. You have to ask yourself, are you the reason that the visions that God have revealed to you have not came forth.

See, the purpose for asking you this is because I know that we all have been called to fulfill a vision. God has revealed it to you and is waiting for you to walk into it. And like me, you have developed the overwhelming fear of failure because you have not remained rooted in your prayer life. The reality of fear exists only where faith is absent. It is the enemy’s job to seek whom he can distract, whom he can frighten, and whom he can destroy.

You must not worry about whom, when, or even how. It is in the midst of prayer and praise that you will overcome fear and be led back to God’s undeniable will for your life. Yes, you fell down but so what! You have a redeemer who knew exactly when you would fall and has already forgiven you and is ready to help you get back up. He really loves you and wants to see you succeed. It is now in your hands to begin to use the fear of the enemy as fuel for the success of God’s will for your life. You must feel the fear and begin to do it anyway. God said that, the race is not for the swift and strong but to those who will endure to the very end (Ecclesiastes 9:11). It is not your past that will keep you from doing what God has called you to do. It is you. So again, I ask. Now what?

Be Inspired.

De’dria Bynum


4 thoughts on “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

  1. Rayla says:

    Thank you for this blog.. I am too a single mother of a preteen girl. I am growing in my faith. My walk with God has not been easy.. but because I am a women/mother who has learned to 1. Put God 1st. 2. Trust him in all thy ways and 3. Build a prayer life. Since I have been doing all that mentioned, every struggle feels like I’m gliding on air. Point is GOD IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE.. and with him I can do all things through Christ.

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    • A Walking Testament says:

      Wow! I love your response to this post as that is the very epitome of my blog. God provides peace and provision for every season of our lives, if we allow Him. Every since I’ve decided to walk more aligned with His purpose for my life, my days have become easier and not because the trials have stopped but because my faith has strengthened!


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