I Had To Remind Myself That the Battle Was Not Mine

“He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber” (Psalm 121:3).

Have you ever allowed yourself to become involved in a battle that was not intended for you? What I really mean is, have you ever tried to manipulate or change a situation in your flesh? It just will not work. Why? The Bible states that, “we fight not against flesh & blood but against wickedness and rulers of darkness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). So, that means that it is of the Trinity to fight a battle in which we cannot see. Would you agree?

Over the past few months, I had been battling with my emotions. I would easily get offended by the judgment or criticism of different people. These were people ranging from my family to my coworkers within my profession. These battles were that of minimal attacks on my personal character. This battle was not a new one as I had battled the opinions of others for as long as I can remember, specifically in my teens. I was judged for not being able to have what others had or do what others could do. I was judged for choosing career paths, choosing friends, or even choosing God. I was just different. I could not for the flesh of me, understand why I could not be accepted by people.

But GOD!

I had to remind myself that the battle was not mine and that if God could love me despite my shortcomings, who else mattered. He is the only one I need!  He is my ROCK. He is my PROVIDER. He is my FATHER. He is my EVERYTING. I am His and He is mine. I am of His blood. I am the child of a living God. And if He is more than the world against me, what could ever stop the Will of God over my life from coming forth. Not an opinion. Not an informal judgment of character. And not the criticism of one who is under God’s feet. My purpose was never to please man, but to please God. However, I had to remind myself that the battle was not mine in order to overcome my emotional battles. I could not force people to like me. I couldn’t manipulate people into loving me. I couldn’t even pray and ask God for them to accept me. But the amazing thing about God, is that when I accepted Him into my life – He told me that I never had to battle anything on my own every again. Stop fighting and starting praising God, because the battle is not yours – it’s the Lords.

Be inspired,

De’dria Bynum



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